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Understand your customers better

Understand your customers better

Asking customers about their needs and expectations is not enough to understand them. The subconscious also has a considerable impact on buying decisions.


Many marketing professionals complain that market research is unreliable. A product that elicited a very positive response during pre-launch testing, for example, turns out to be a complete failure, while there was no inkling that another product would be a smashing success.

In fact, most traditional market research techniques involving statistical studies, focus groups, etc., have a major flaw. Indeed, such techniques essentially require customers to analyze their own mental processes, and therefore cannot take the role of the subconscious into account. Yet, the most recent scientific advances confirm that the subconscious plays a capital role in buying decisions.

To integrate this dimension more effectively, the publications we have selected make the following suggestions:

– Understand that traditional market research techniques leave a lot of grey areas, and recognize this when interpreting results.

– Set up mechanisms to prevent misinterpretation caused by subconscious researcher bias.

– Use innovative methods to understand the impact of the subconscious on the behavior of your customers, such as analyzing non-verbal communication, metaphors, etc.

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