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The site is published by the company MANAGERIS.
Registered office: 64 rue des Mathurins, 75008 Paris, France.
Société anonyme with capital of €64,446 – RCS B 388 524 290 – Intra-Community VAT No.: FR 27 388 524 290 – SIRET : 388 524 290 000 52.
CEO: Etienne Baërd


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A declaration regarding how data is processed by this site was filed with the French data protection agency, CNIL, on September 8, 2010 under the number 1451174.
This site is hosted by Diademys, 28 Quai Gallieni 92150 Suresnes – France.
Publication Director: Chrystel Martin


In accordance with Article 39 of the French Data Protection Act, you have the right to access, modify, correct and delete personal data relating to you.
To exercise this right, you can contact MANAGERIS by mail at 64 rue des Mathurins, 75008 Paris, France; by e-mail at; or by telephone at +33 1 53 24 39 39.


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Reproduction of the contents of this website, in whole or in part, is prohibited without the written consent of MANAGERIS (unless otherwise noted). Any other material on this site that does not belong to us (photos, texts, pictures, source code, logos, product or brand names, etc.) is the property of their respective rights holders.


MANAGERIS makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and currency of the information disseminated on this site. However, MANAGERIS disclaims all liability for any inaccuracies or omissions in the information available on this site, for any damage resulting from a fraudulent intrusion of a third party that results in a modification of the information disseminated on this site and more generally for any damage, direct or indirect, regardless of its cause, source, type or consequences.



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