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N°331 Resilience, Decision Making

Synopsis Enhancing your teams’ resilience

A look at the news Making collective decisions more reliable

Management gems

  • What do resilient companies do in a crisis?
  • Learning and cooperating: two skills at the heart of sustainable development
  • How can you demonstrate empathy without exhausting yourself?

N°330 Technology, Uncertainty

Synopsis Encouraging employees’ appropriation of artificial intelligence

A look at the news Developing your intuition for risk

Management gems

  • Assessing your demographic pyramid
  • Avoiding polarization during delicate conversations
  • Avoiding memory lapses

N°329 Governance, Persuasion

Synopsis Uniting your executive committee

A look at the news Adapting your persuasion strategy to your interlocutor’s decision-making style

Management gems

  • Is your supply chain sufficiently cyber-secured?
  • Supporting gender parity: it all begins with speaking up
  • Artificial intelligence: which skills to reinforce?

N°328 Competition, Listening Skills

Synopsis Understanding your competitors

A look at the news Working as a team to thwart the traps of memory

Management gems

  • “And at the same time…”: considering paradoxes as opportunities
  • What if the problem wasn’t stress, but rather our perception of stress?
  • Just what do your “tech” employees want?

N°327 Corporate Citizenship, Trust

Synopsis Aligning the Procurement function with CSR

A look at the news Resolving the dilemmas of transparency

Management gems

  • When diversity complicates feedback
  • Handing innovation over to your clients: the Lego example
  • What if you first asked your team members if they want to become managers?

N°326 Trust, Crisis

Synopsis Strengthening your company’s trust capital

A look at the news Finding a balance between discipline and responsiveness in a crisis

Management gems

  • Helping employees to find their footing again after a career break
  • Achieving successful scale-ups
  • Facilitating access to customer feedback to mobilize your teams

N°325 Diversity and Inclusion, Communication

Synopsis Better integrating employees with disabilities

A look at the news Three sources of misunderstanding to overcome for better communicating

Management gems

  • Simplifying your managers’ work
  • Are your networks sufficiently diversified?
  • Rehabilitating the value of idleness

N°324 Corporate Culture, Reorganization

Synopsis Realigning culture and strategy

A look at the news Mergers: building a bridge between cultures

Management gems

  • Are you divesting enough?
  • When it comes to AI, how can we avoid putting the cart before the horses?
  • Picking the right moment for your exit interviews

N°323 Manager-coach, Change Management

Synopsis Brilliant, over-performing employees… How should we manage them?

A look at the news Tempering change

Management gems

  • Do you think to work on your voice?
  • Inside the mind of Generation Z…
  • Knowing when to shift back to a more intuitive decisional mode

N°322 Creativity, Interpersonal Development

Synopsis Stimulating your creativity

A look at the news Social intelligence in the age of remote relationships

Management gems

  • Want to explore the four-day week?
  • How can we use AI as a partner in our thinking?
  • How can we avoid passing on discriminatory biases to our algorithms?

N°321 Talents and Careers, Personal Effectiveness

Synopsis Valorizing and retaining your experts

A look at the news Identifying and thwarting manipulation

Management gems

  • AI versus AI, the fight of the century?
  • What if you systematized “Live my life” initiatives?
  • Getting inside your competitors’ heads

N°320 Uncertainty, Diversity and Inclusion

Synopsis Navigating uncertainty

A look at the news Dare talk about prejudices

Management gems

  • Setting challenges to reinforce trust?
  • Boosting collaboration… by simplifying the organization
  • Do you sufficiently care for your current customers?

N°319 Emotions, Trust

Synopsis Channeling your internal discourse

A look at the news Three pillars of trust

Management gems

  • Investing in humans to reap the benefits of artificial intelligence
  • How about giving your boss some work?
  • Cultivating the art of disclosing your data

N°318 Growth, Change Management

Synopsis Deploying your projects and ideas on a large scale

A look at the news Using pedagogy to promote change

Management gems

  • Daring to show small acts of kindness in the workplace
  • Distinguishing the truly significant weak signals from the ambient noise
  • Mastering the art of improvised answers

N°317 Stress, Reorganization

Synopsis Drawing inspiration from athletes to better resist pressure

A look at the news How to remobilize the teams after a restructuring

Management gems

  • Don’t leave it to managers to support their employees’ career development!
  • Are toxic personalities more likely to attain power?

N°316 Manager-coach, Radical Innovation

Synopsis Managing negative emotions within your teams

A look at the news Are potentially disruptive innovations flying under your radars?

Management gems

  • Have you done your SWOT analysis in terms of geopolitics?
  • Think of imitating nature
  • Allow yourself to mix seriousness and lightness

N°315 Marketing Strategy, Negotiation

Synopsis Influencing behaviors through nudges

A look at the news Getting a negotiation out of stagnation

Management gems

  • Should mentoring be made compulsory?
  • Thinking of your career as a creative portfolio
  • Beware of statistics regarding diversity and inclusion

N°314 Open-mindedness, Listening Skills

Synopsis Developing your open-mindedness

A look at the news Shifting from confrontation to dialogue

Management gems

  • Why you should make your bed every morning
  • Always have several postures at hand
  • Resisting the hubris of power

N°313 Innovation Strategy, Accountability

Synopsis Conjugating invention and imitation

A look at the news Removing the obstacles to personal initiative

Management gems

  • Can we use humor at work?
  • Beware of your experience
  • Is the company mission clear?

N°312 Environment and Climate, Strategy Development

Synopsis Accelerating your environmental transition

A look at the news Choose your key battles

Management gems

  • Gender diversity: defusing the impostor syndrome
  • Inspiring confidence to your customers
  • Gard against success self-deception

N°311 Leader's Positioning, Strategy Development

Synopsis Exercising strategic leadership

A look at the news Why bother making strategic plans?

Management gems

  • Talking career with your staff
  • Watching over your anxious anticipations
  • Beware of injunctions to cooperate

N°310 Vision, Economic Performance

Synopsis Defining your company’s corporate purpose

A look at the news How to really benefit from spending cuts?

Management gems

  • Seek inspiration from emergency situations to better manage the longer term
  • Banking on emotional proximity rather than the physical one
  • Driving the innovation portfolio

N°309 Digitalization, Decision Making

Synopsis Converting your organization to a digital culture

A look at the news When can you trust your intuition?

Management gems

  • Reinstate regrets
  • Is your company culture healthy?
  • Making space for introverts

N°308 Mobilization, Strategy Development

Synopsis Mastering the art of data storytelling

A look at the news Consultants: What’s the point?

Management gems

  • Fighting insidious discriminations
  • Taming your vulnerability; How to have the courage to be imperfect
  • Redefining employer/employee relations