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“High quality synopses”

“Manageris Synopses are high-quality publications. They emphasize critical analysis and big-picture thinking and are also action-oriented. A great tool for keeping on top of current ideas in business”Bernard Ramanantsoa, Dean of HEC Paris

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Each Manageris Synopsis provides an 8-page overview of a key management topic, selected from the best international publications.

Systematic review of all publications

Our editorial committee reviews all the books and articles published in English and French in the fields of management and strategy. From amongst the hundreds of publications studied throughout the year, we select those that bring the most to leaders using these straight-forward criteria:

- Sheds new light on a subject

- Draws on operational business realities

- Offers concrete and actionable tips

By managers, for managers

Manageris Synopses are written by experts from the business world who understand what is truly useful for leaders.

In 8 pages, we offer keys for understanding your role as a leader, as well as courses of action with which to experiment. Illustrated with examples, checklists and visuals, Synopses are designed throughout for quick and action-oriented reading.

Action-oriented essentials

We know that our readers are pressed for time. This is why we work hard to select quality ideas with high practical value, rather than waste our reader's time on passing management fads.