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Prevent brand aging

Prevent brand aging

All brands tend to erode over time. However, there are ways to stop this decline and keep a brand eternally young.


Oldsmobile, Titan, Ovomaltine... many brands that were world famous in their heyday have now been lost to the sands of time, while others seem to be eternal, such as the Laughing Cow, created in 1921, Marlboro, which dates back to 1937, etc. So what gives some brands such great staying power while others fade away?

In fact, no brand is eternal. Lasting brands are precisely those that keep up with the times and manage to evolve with the market. Even the most durable brands have had to go through many transformations, and have seen their leadership challenged at times, as Coca-Cola found out when it launched New Coke, for example. Lasting brands are distinguished in particular by their ability to combat the continuous phenomenon of aging that affects all brands.

The sources that we have selected provide some tips on how to keep your brand young. Three measures in particular appear to be essential:

– Closely monitor how aging is likely to affect your brand.

– Keep in mind that a brand can only rejuvenate itself by respecting its core identity.

– Select the most appropriate brand rejuvenation drivers.

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