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Mobilizing the organization with the brand

Mobilizing the organization with the brand

The brand is not just an external communication tool, but an active brand policy is also a means to motivate employees as well.


Most companies consider the brand as a tool for communicating with the outside world, primarily designed to attract and retain customers. Some also use their brand strategy to reinforce their image with investors, the public, and even their suppliers. However, few capitalize on the compelling power of the brand with employees.

Yet, the benefits of implementing an active brand policy aimed at employees have clearly been demonstrated. Corporations such as Southwest Airlines or Nike in the U.S., Virgin in the UK, Club Méditerranée and Accor in France have effectively shown that the brand can be a particularly powerful motivation driver.

The publications that we have selected provide suggestions on how to do this, with particular emphasis on three key messages:

– Position your brands to appeal not only to the external customers of the company, but to employees as well.

– Don’t just explain your brand policy to employees, but make proactive efforts to convince them and obtain their adhesion.

– Concretely translate the principles and values connected with the brand in the day-to-day practices of the company.

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