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The leaders should all relate to this principle: the governed must be as happy as possible.Cicero

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Develop your storytelling skills

Develop your storytelling skills

How to improve the ability to influence others? One original approach is to develop the ability to tell compelling stories.


The ability to influence others is a fundamental advantage in business. People at all levels of the organization are encouraged to take initiative. Managers therefore need to know how to influence their employees without necessarily spelling everything out in detail. Likewise, managers are much more successful at selling an idea to superiors, clients or partners if they master the art of persuasion, rather than purely appealing to reason.

There are many books on the market that provide tools and techniques on how to be more persuasive. “The Story Factor,” however, sheds new light on the issue. The author advocates the use of stories as one of the best ways to make a lasting impact on people's attitudes and behaviors. Many supporting examples are used to demonstrate how telling a story can often be more effective than logical explanations. These examples are peppered with useful tips on how to get greater impact from storytelling.

We found three messages in this book to be particularly relevant:

– Understand why logic alone is not sufficient to make a lasting influence on people.

– Find out why stories are so powerful, and when storytelling is particularly appropriate.

– Develop your storytelling abilities.

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