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The human side of negotiations

The human side of negotiations

Negotiating successfully takes more than just reconciling different interests. Considering the human dimension when negotiating considerably increases the chances of success.


Many books consider negotiation as a rational process that principally involves solving a problem, that is, how to find an optimal way to reconcile the interests of all parties?

This conception is incomplete. Interests certainly come into play in negotiation, but also individuals. The social context has a powerful impact on the negotiation process and its outcome. Differences in personality, hierarchical level, age, and gender, as well as the past history of the relationship between various parties can create challenges as great as the search for a mutually satisfactory solution.

“Everyday Negotiation,” by focusing on commonplace negotiation situations, shows how to integrate the human dimension into the negotiation process. Among the essential messages in the book, we found three to be particularly pertinent:

– In addition to the problem at hand, be aware of the human dimension of the negotiation.

– Work unceasingly to develop and consolidate your credibility as a negotiator.

– Behave in a way that fosters a collaborative negotiating environment.

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