The agile organization

N°171a – Synopsis (8p.) – Agility
The agile organization
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How to develop the responsiveness of your organization in shifting environments? Rather than deploying successive change programs, realizing continuous transitions is often a better idea.

Faced with the need to capitalize on innovative technologies, quickly take position on emerging markets, respond to crises, and adapt products and services to face unexpected competition, everyone knows that it is important to stay alert and responsive in changing environments. A recent McKinsey study found that nine out of ten managers consider this “agility” an essential factor in corporate performance.

However, achieving such resilience is neither natural nor easy. Because people and organizations tend to hold onto what they know, challenging existing practices proves difficult. Our selected publications consequently recommend that companies adopt a proactive approach to cultivate resilience, and apply four key principles in particular:

– Make a habit of regularly trying new ways of doing things to keep your mind sharp.

– Dialogue continuously with other company players to be aware of stakes and constraints outside the boundaries of your own domain.

– Choose organizational structures that can be adapted without creating major upheaval.

– Promote a culture of continuous change within your organization.

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