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The ability to listen as a key managerial skill

The ability to listen as a key managerial skill

In today's business environment, employees expect managers to listen attentively. How to develop good listening skills?


Managers must be able to listen well in order to understand how the environment is changing, negotiate successfully and ensure smooth professional interactions.

Although listening is an extremely important skill that managers must use every day, it is paradoxically one of the things that they do least well, according to competency assessment experts.

“Le manager à l'écoute” is one of many books designed to help managers improve in this arena. This particular book offers very complete coverage of the topic. Of the many suggested methods, we find that three major lessons can be drawn:

– Clarify what good listening means, because some beliefs can be real traps.

– Become aware of personal listening style preferences and learn to use other styles in order to choose the most suitable style for each situation.

– Use several listening “techniques” to acquire the reflexes needed for good listening.

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