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Manage change successfully in a turbulent environment

Manage change successfully in a turbulent environment

In a shifting environment, where change is no longer a periodic event, but a continuous movement, companies must adapt the traditional approach to change management.


Over the past two decades, even change has changed! Long gone is the era when stability was the norm and change a rare occurrence in the workplace; modern business organizations are expected to evolve almost nonstop. New organizational structures, new product lines and upgraded IT systems are now churned out at a dizzying pace. These relentless waves of change often provoke bewilderment and skepticism among teams. Managers are faced with the tough challenge of ensuring the successful deployment of all of these changes, while coping with eroding morale.

The traditional approaches for managing change successfully seem to have become irrelevant in today’s fast-evolving business context. Despite careful preparation, detailed planning and careful tracking, many managers experience disappointing results. The truth is that change cannot be fully programmed in advance in a turbulent environment. The experts we’ve selected consequently advocate adapting the change management approach as follows:

– Carefully clarify the fundamental unifying rationale underlying different initiatives, because people need to understand how their efforts fit into the big picture in order to stay motivated in a shifting environment.

– Don’t over-plan; be as flexible and responsive as possible when managing change.

– Listen to people; a good two-way communication flow is key to maintaining organizational responsiveness.

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