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The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.Confucius

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Leadership lessons from great political leaders

Leadership lessons from great political leaders

How to reinforce your leadership skills by taking inspiration from the methods of great political leaders?


Over the past few decades, managerial responsibilities have changed dramatically. Authoritarian management is out and persuasive skills have become a must. Instead of dictating change, managers must now be good listeners and obtain collective buy-in. Employees today are no longer blindly loyal to those higher up the corporate ladder, but expect their superiors to earn their loyalty and respect by demonstrating competence and good team management skills.

These new expectations place managers in a position that is very familiar to political leaders. Elected officials are vested with their authority by their fellow citizens. As such, they cannot drive change without the consent of their constituents. They must therefore make constant efforts to obtain needed support and collaboration from the groups they lead, rather than attempting to impose top-down decisions on people.

The sources that we have selected take a close look at how some political leaders have achieved remarkable results. These works identify some guiding principles that could be useful to corporate leaders as well, including the following:

– Be careful to show that you are part of the team you are leading, while distinguishing yourself at the same time!

– Be a good teacher: great political leaders are those who manage to change the mindset of their fellow citizens.

– Facilitate rather than give orders. The best leaders attempt to orchestrate a collaborative process, rather than try to impose their personal views.

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