Know your mental models

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Know your mental models
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Our mental models help us understand our environment and make rapid decisions. How can we change our models to become even more creative and agile?

Changing the way we think is extremely hard. This is why people find it so difficult to come up with really innovative ideas, adapt to change or modify their behavior on a lasting basis.

Cognitive scientists shed interesting light on this phenomenon. They explain that the very functioning of the human brain encourages us to reproduce the same behaviors. With time and experience, we forge mental patterns that facilitate understanding of the world around us and accelerate decision-making. However, the fact that we are unaware of using simplified models of reality limits our ability to see our environment from other angles.

The books that we have analyzed help identify and surpass the limitations caused by this phenomenon:

– Become aware that what you "see" is not necessarily the "truth" because the human brain sorts and interprets the information it receives in light of prior experience.

– Identify the limitations and validity conditions of your usual thought patterns.

– Discover how to work actively to develop new mental models.

– Don’t be satisfied with seeing situations from just one angle and try to apply multiple mental models.

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