The art of creating memorable moments

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The art of creating memorable moments
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What makes some moments more memorable than others? Discover the cognitive mechanisms behind those special moments: you will then know how to orchestrate them for your clients and staff.

Researchers have tried to understand what leads some guests to recommend a particular hotel on TripAdvisor. Of course, satisfaction plays an important role: 60% of guests finding themselves “very satisfied” go on to recommend their hotel. Yet, one category of guests is intriguing, as their recommendation rates can reach 97%! These are guests who claim to have experienced a “pleasant surprise” during their stay. In terms of customer engagement, having an exceptional moment is thus of greater impact than having an overall positive experience.

This assessment is of paramount importance at a time when more and more companies are looking to distinguish themselves through client experience or employee experience. It tells us two things: first, a satisfactory experience is not necessarily a memorable one. In the first instance, the company strives to avoid any mishap or disagreement. It aims for the perfect experience, running the risk of making it too sleek for the person living it. In contrast, memorable experiences are indeed pleasant but moreover, they are lit with a few remarkable moments—surprises for example—that really make a lasting impression.

The second lesson is that focusing on creating remarkable moments is an investment with a strong likelihood of reward. Customers who experience such moments are more attached emotionally to the brand that provided it, and are more inclined to recommend it. The same is true with staff. John Deere, for example, has carefully planned its inception program for new staff, making this a distinctive aspect of its employer brand. The group has since noticed a greater level of involvement among its employees and an increase in its appeal factor.

To impart a few unforgettable moments in your customer and staff experience, consider these three pieces of advice:

- Think of the timing: some moments are naturally more worth highlighting. 

- Carefully analyze the feelings of your customers and staff, to meet their expectations in a way that is relevant.

- Use the psychological and social mechanisms of experience to add that soulful element that makes experiences “magical”.

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