A four-step approach to capture the attention of your target audience and retain it sustainably.

Author(s): Nir Eyal

Publisher: Penguin Books

Date of publication: 2014

Manageris opinion

How can you create a service that captures the attention of your target audience—and then manages to retain this attention sustainably? The author sheds light on this subject based on his experience with video game development, and more generally his online service expertise. He proposes a four-step model: The hook, initiated by an “attention trigger”; the action, carried out in consequence; the unexpected reward, obtained as a result of this action; then the personal investment, which gets people to embrace the service in a way that makes it even more rewarding, to the point of turning it into a habit they can’t imagine giving up. Each of the eight chapters is short, instructive and easy to read, illustrated with examples from the Internet world. Moreover, it ends with a few questions to help readers transpose this model to their own context. An excellent trigger for thinking!