The Power of Moments

The Power of Moments

How can you provide your clients or staff with unforgettable moments?

Author(s): Chip Heath, Dan Heath

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date of publication: 2017

Manageris opinion

Our lives are marked by unforgettable moments. Some are purely fortuitous—encounters, incidents, etc. that change our life. Others stem from the deliberated actions of a company intent on winning our loyalty by creating a deep and durable imprint on our memory. Because it is possible to have an effect on the experience lived—and perceived—by a client or an employee, by punctuating it with carefully calibrated moments. This is what this book demonstrates through numerous examples.

How can you ensure you will leave a positive memory? The authors suggest four tactics: create a “pleasant surprise” in the daily life of your customers or staff; trigger their awareness; create a sense of pride; or enable them to share a moment of camaraderie. The common element across these four approaches is their play on the cognitive drivers of our memory, which are decoded here.

A very relevant book for managers who want to improve the experience their organization offers to clients or staff.