Make the digital transformation in time

N°238a – Synopsis (8p.) – Digitalization
Make the digital transformation in time
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The few companies that have been able to take full advantage of digital technologies show exceptional profitability ratios. How can you take inspiration from the practices of these digital champions?

The rise of digital technology is on the verge of disrupting the competitive playing field in most industries. The digital revolution is certainly not new; but the nature of this transformation shifted around 2005-2006, when limits formerly considered insurmountable were surpassed. Machines now understand natural language. They can learn on their own. The experts unhesitatingly talk about exponential progress. This may seem like an exaggeration. However, in just one short decade, innovations thought to be inconceivable have become available to the general public. Google’s driverless cars blend into regular traffic in Silicon Valley; 3D printers allow laymen with no sophisticated technical knowledge to produce spare parts; a computer program independently writes financial press releases; people can have what resembles a real conversation with their mobile phone, etc.

These new technologies have created opportunities that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. Pioneers in every sector have already foreseen the enormous potential of this digital shift, and their efforts have paid off richly. Indeed, digital champions demonstrate profitability that is 26% higher on average than that of their competitors! And some competitors might even eventually disappear altogether, as the emergence of digital substitues deeply challenges their business models. The printed press and traditional taxi services, for example, are now wondering about their future.

- Consider the implications of the digital shift. What are the new opportunities? What are the likely repercussions? Almost every sector will be affected by the digital revolution.

- Engage your organization around targeted opportunities. Opportunities, like threats, are numerous and uncertain. Get organized to focus your efforts on the advances most likely to boost performance.

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