Develop charisma and presence

N°255a – Synopsis (8p.) – Influence
Develop charisma and presence
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Self-confidence is indispensable to inspiring trust. But it is seriously challenged by the daily life of organizations… How can you be seen as more credible, more authentic and more convincing?

Observers sat on the presentation of the pitch of 185 successive entrepreneurs in front of an audience of investors—but without hearing anything: they were observing through a glass pane. Strangely enough, they were perfectly able to identify those who had been convincing! In fact, more than the content of the speech, it is the confidence that emanates from the person, the level of ease and the enthusiasm that emerge as determining to win acceptance.

Whether we are in front of an audience, in a meeting or face-to-face, the intensity of our presence and the confidence that we display constitute the major part of our power of persuasion. We have all admired the charisma of some leaders, able to seduce crowds. Even more often, we attended presentations in which a clumsy, hesitating, stiff or—on the contrary—over-agitated speaker made us feel more uncomfortable than wanting to listen and follow him.

This ease seems to be a gift. While some people “lose it”, others are naturally at ease in front of an audience, spontaneously inspiring respect and confidence. It then becomes an easy step—too often taken—to give up reinforcing this ease to concentrate the work on the substance of the message.

In truth, studies show that it is totally possible to make notable progress. A few simple exercises enable us to come across as more credible, more authentic, and more convincing.

- Work as much on your mental preparation as on your message and your presentation. If you sincerely believe in your message, it will stand greater chances of being accepted.

- Care about your physical posture. It affects the chemistry of emotions and largely conditions our mental state.

- Be attentive to others. This will reinforce the intensity of your presence in their eyes.

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