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Making work more meaningful

Making work more meaningful

How to prevent employee motivation from dropping over time? By giving more meaning to their work.

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How to make employees more enthusiastic about their work? This is a burning question for many leaders who find themselves confronted with a morose organization where people lack enthusiasm and drive. Yet, 95 percent of employees are sincerely excited about their work when they first start a new job. After about six months, however, they begin to ask themselves, “What good is all this effort?”, “What does it all mean?”.

The publications we have selected analyze why it has become more difficult for people to find meaning in their work and how companies can boost the motivation of their employees. Three key messages appear to be particularly important in this regard:

– To be truly motivated, employees must see their work as more than just a means to earn a living.

– The company can help give meaning to collective efforts by clarifying its own reason for being.

– The company can also organize work in a way that helps individuals give meaning to their work.

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