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The Enthusiastic Employee

The Enthusiastic Employee

A proactive vision of professional motivation in which the authors describe the drivers available to managers to make employees more enthusiastic about their work.

Auteur(s) : David Sirota, Louis A. Mischkind, Michael Irwin Meltzer

Éditeur : Wharton School Publishing

Date de parution : 2005

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Within the scope of their consulting activities since 1972, the authors have studied how companies relate to their employees, their customers and society in general. They consequently possess a very large store of quantitative and qualitative data taken from studies conducted at a large number of companies.
What they have to say is good news – most employees are in fact motivated by their work! And if their enthusiasm tends to decline after a few months in the company, the drivers available to managers to raise the level of motivation seem attainable, e.g. treat employees fairly in terms of compensation and job security, help them be proud of their work, their accomplishments and their company, and create an environment that facilitates the development of warm and enriching relationships with their colleagues.
Strongly colored by the American culture, this book will bring the European reader a less defeatist and more proactive vision of professional motivation. All of the advice is not transposable, but you will find many concrete ideas, particularly on how to articulate the company’s mission and vision (chapter 6), on how to empower people (chapter 7), on the importance of challenges (chapter 8), and on feedback and recognition (chapter 9).
A book that anyone in charge of facilitating a team would benefiting from reading.



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