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Hacking Growth

Hacking Growth

How can you develop your customer base through a permanent process of experimentation?

Author(s): Sean Ellis, Morgan Brown

Publisher: Crown Business

Date of publication: 2017

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Founders of the “Growth Hacking” movement, Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown reveal the wellsprings of this movement, illustrated with numerous examples. Appearing in the U.S. at the end of the Nineties, Growth Hacking was inspired by agile work methods. More than 200,000 marketing professionals now align themselves with this approach.

Initially, start-ups were the first to develop this method. They sought to turn their size and limited means to their advantage in their quest to compete with established giants. The philosophy of Growth Hacking is to expand the customer base by testing as many ideas as possible. Even ideas that fail help the company to learn and progress. This principle focuses on two success factors: on the one hand, fast testing cycles, and on the other, rich feedback, subjected to detailed qualitative and qualitative analyses. After explaining the method, the book explores how companies can use it to generate additional revenue at each stage of a multichannel customer journey—acquisition, activation, loyalty, recommendation, etc.

Easy to read, supported by the concrete practices of its authors, this book provides new perspectives on innovation and growth.