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Getting to ''Yes and''

Getting to ''Yes and''

Take inspiration from theatrical improvisation techniques to boost the creativity of your teams.

Author(s): Bob Kulhan, Chuck Crisafulli

Publisher: Stanford University Press

Date of publication: 2017

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Improvisation theatre companies are expert in the art of getting their members to express their full creativity, in a fluid and coordinated manner. The authors of Getting to "Yes and" reveal their methods and invite us to seek inspiration from them to boost the creativity of our teams. They claim that numerous improvisation theatre techniques can be transposed with benefit to the universe of the enterprise. The point consists in listening to others without preconceived ideas, to capture their small signals, to appropriate their ideas to push them one step further. In short, silencing for a while our critical minds (“yes, but…”) to collectively get thinking out-of-the-box (“yes, and…”). The authors underline the long-term virtues of this exercise: more fruitful brainstorming sessions, of course, but also increased cooperation and improved interactions on a daily basis—and this even in an emergency or crisis situation. They explain, in a concrete manner, how to work to evolve the states of mind and behaviors of the teams. An original and relevant approach.

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