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Branding With Brains

Branding With Brains

An innovative approach to brand strategy, which takes subconcious customer decision criteria into account.

Author(s): Tjaco Walvis

Publisher: FT Press

Date of publication: 2010

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The latest advances in neuroscience show our brain chooses the brands we buy in a way very similar how the Google search engine works! Understanding how these subconscious search algorithms operate creates new opportunities for marketing. That is the purpose of this book.
The author proposes a brand strategy approach based on three laws, which constitute the core decision-making criteria used by the human brain. The first is “Relevance,” which makes us think first of brands that stand out in terms of how well they satisfy our “cocktail” of subconscious needs. The “Coherence” of messages conveyed by the brand is also important, because our brain eliminates any brand whose messages are contradictory, due to the inherent perception of risk that this implies. Finally, Participation is key, because the more we interact with a brand, the more inclined we are to trust it.
A fascinating glimpse at how the consumer brain really works that opens relatively new paths to explore.