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Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain Revolution

The blockchain could well be the tool that will permit to fully meet the expectations created by the internet. What are the principles and prospects of the blockchain economy?

Auteur(s) : Don Tapscott, Alex Tapscott

Éditeur : Portfolio Penguin

Date de parution : 2016

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The authors, father and son, have complementary profiles. The father is a renowned consultant and author on innovations and their impact on organizations. The son worked in the financial sector where he saw the emergence of the blockchain phenomenon.

Their work stems from a feeling of betrayal: the internet promised to facilitate transparency, cooperation and individual initiatives, but it is evident that the revolution did not deliver on all its promises. The blockchain could be the tool that was missing to meet such expectations.

The authors present the seven principles of the blockchain economy: integrity of the data and of the transactions guaranteed by the network, distribution of power, remuneration of contributors, security, respect of private data, preservation of rights and inclusion or disappearance of barriers to entry. Starting with these principles, they draw a broad panorama of the blockchain impact both on economic sectors such as financial services or transport and on individuals’ lives. This panorama can make your head spin, making you aware that it could be a real revolution at work: both business models and people’s lives would then be shaken. It also helps realize that it is not only some prospective topic, but it is already happening on a daily basis.

Though it requires an understanding of the blockchain mechanics, this book is accessible to a curious and persevering reader. It is of particular interest in that it goes well beyond the impact on different economic sectors and tackles topics such as the environment or democracy. One should nonetheless temper the authors’ unconditional enthusiasm: the book is very discreet on the difficulties that remain to be lifted, notably technical and regulatory.



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