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The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority. Kenneth Blanchard

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Virtual Selling

Virtual Selling

How to adapt your commercial methods to the challenges of remote selling.

Author(s): Mike Schultz, Dave Shaby, Andy Springer

Publisher: Thirty-Five Group Press

Date of publication: 2020

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The Covid-19 crisis has deeply changed purchasing habits by placing remote selling at the heart of the interactions, across all sectors. This sometimes brutal disruption unveiled new challenges, especially for companies that had not yet started their digital transformation. Indeed, to successfully sell remotely, using conventional sales practices through a screen is not sufficient. In this very down-to-earth book, geared at commercials and their management, the author reviews the bases of the commercial relationship and suggests techniques and advice adapted to the digital realm to succeed in attracting the interest of the audience, stand out from competition and build lasting relationships with customers. Over 13 chapters, the author lists the factors that make a remote sale successful, going from purely technical elements, such as the necessary computer equipment, to the persuasion tactics that allow us to convince our counterparts, even when we do not see them in person. 

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