The Agility Advantage

The Agility Advantage

A pragmatic approach of the stakes of agility in all areas of strategic management.

Author(s): Amanda Setili

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

Date of publication: 2014

Manageris opinion

The author, a consultant, approaches the stakes of agility in a resolutely pragmatic fashion. After a quick introduction, the book is divided into eight chapters that successively cover the stakes of understanding the market, decision-making amidst uncertainty and driving the required changes. Each one of these chapters cites many examples to suggest a range of good practices and succinct methodological material, principally in the form of questions to ask or aspects of the problem to consider. The result is a handbook that covers important strategic management issues broadly, by approaching them from the angle of an environment in constant flux. Without revolutionizing our understanding of the stakes of agility, the book has the merit of encouraging and facilitating reflection through varied examples and methodological support around numerous aspects of the topic.