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Sense & Respond

Sense & Respond

Evolving from a planned organization to an agile one, better suited to evolve in sync with the market.

Author(s): Jeff Gothelf, Josh Seiden

Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press

Date of publication: 2017

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The digital revolution has radically transformed the way that companies interact with their customers, employees and partners. It has challenged most business processes, and particularly the product and service lifecycle, from design to commercialization. However, not all companies have fully grasped the importance of this upheaval. According to the authors of Sense & Respond, a great number remain trapped in a sequential model, inherited from the industrial era, but now obsolete. Conversely, some—most, but not all, of which come from the technology sector—have completely revisited their approach by taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by digital.

Sense & Respond attempts to analyze these examples—Zara, PayPal, Etsy, Facebook, etc.—to draw lessons than can be applied more broadly. The book shows how these companies grow by creating products and services that are always better aligned to the needs of their customers. It describes the organizations and the methods they use to do this. But it especially emphasizes the culture they have instilled: autonomous teams, transparency on results, and a mindset focused on continuous improvement.

Clear and well structured, this book will inspire all managers or executives who care about adapting their growth approach to the digital age.