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Ni hérisson, ni paillasson : plus jamais peur des conflits

Ni hérisson, ni paillasson : plus jamais peur des conflits

Managing conflict effectively: a valuable skill to develop.

Author(s): Jean-François Thiriet

Publisher: Gereso

Date of publication: 2018

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[Neither hedgehog, nor doormat: never fearing conflicts again]

“In a conflict, our way to handle it is often more problematic than the conflict itself”
, notes Jean-François Thiriet. Avoiding conflict is impossible—and not necessarily to be wished for.  In fact, on the contrary, managing conflict well is a competence that needs developing, to both reduce psychological cost to yourself and negative impact on your relationships. This book reads like a thorough manual to manage conflict. In what state of mind should you approach it? How can you get best prepared? The author suggests you prep up at three levels: mental, emotional—and even physical. Indeed, posture and non-verbal language have an influence on the dynamic of a conflictual exchange and can contribute to its escalation or, on the contrary, to defusing the tension. Just like our cognitive and emotional filters, of which the author helps us becoming aware ahead of a dispute. The challenge? Deprogram your automatic reactions, react in a more flexible and constructive manner to conflicts.

Ignoring moralism, practical, documented despite remaining easy to read, this book explores an often little-known aspect of personal development.