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L’Expérience collaborateur

L’Expérience collaborateur

How placing employees at the heart of the company's priorities can be a powerful lever for performance and attractiveness.

Author(s): Corinne Samama

Publisher: Diateino

Date of publication: 2017

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[The employee experience] 

The term employee experience is becoming commonplace in companies. Yet the concept is not always well understood. Behind the buzz and gimmicky measures (fruit juice bar, leather armchairs, etc.), it involves, in reality, deep changes. It consists, in fact, of truly placing employees at the heart of the company’s priorities. This condition fulfilled, employee experience can become a real performance lever and an important factor in the company’s attractiveness. This sums up the argument of Corinne Samama, developed across six concise and practical chapters. The author addresses the following questions: how to define employee experience? Why will companies benefit from converting to this new approach for leveraging their human capital? How can they optimize their work environment? How can they evolve the company culture? How can they measure the impact of such an approach? This book is easy to read; it offers numerous examples and action plans. It is a must-read for any manager or executive who wants to improve staff satisfaction, commitment and in the end, performance