J’ai perdu ma montre au fond d’un lac

J’ai perdu ma montre au fond d’un lac

Getting agitated is often a spontaneous reaction when facing ennoyances. But is it the best way to act effectively?

Author(s): Rémi Tremblay, Diane Bérard

Publisher: Transcontinental

Date of publication: 2009

Manageris opinion

What happens when your watch falls to the bottom of a lake? Spontaneously, you would do everything you could to find it again. But your efforts would stir up the mud and obstruct visibility, thus compromising your chances of finding the lost object. Starting from this parable, the author, a former director of Adecco Canada and founder of Maison des Leaders, shows that we sometimes need to know when to stop to restore clarity and be able to take effective action. He encourages leaders to meditate internally on the importance of the values of courage, humility and love in their day-to-day professional lives. Some readers maybe put off by a few passages clearly imprinted with Buddhist spirituality. This profoundly positive book nonetheless offers stimulating keys to personal development.