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Moving Beyond ABM to Account-Based Engagement

Getting marketing and sales to act together to address the new situation created by the digital transformatyion.

Author(s): Robert Archacki, Phillip Andersen, Scott Rhodes, Basir Mustaghni

Publisher: Boston Consulting Group

Date of publication: 2020

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Since the 2010’s, B2B purchasers increasingly rely on the use of Internet, be it to identify available options, find information and other customers’ opinion on suppliers or, increasingly, to engage in an exchange with the latter and do an online purchase. The digital transformation is underway, and marketing teams now need to work together with sales to offer the customers the smoothest possible interaction, to progressively lead them to make a purchase. The traditional approach must evolve. It is no longer the time of identifying and targeting prospects through marketing so that they are later handled by sales. It is an integrated approach, assisted by technology, which better enables the teams to identify the needs and close the sales. This BCG survey enables the identification of the success criteria for such an approach. 

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