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12 February 2013

Monitor the progress of work without depriving employees of their autonomy

An excerpt from Manageris’ Synopsis No.212a
“Stimulate job satisfaction”

It is absolutely natural for managers to ensure that people’s work is progressing well. However, the attitude shown by the manager may be stimulating employees' motivation or conversely killing employees’ motivation! In the first instance, supervision is experienced as support in identifying and solving problems. In the second, it is felt to be as an intrusion that dispossesses the employee of his or her responsibilities. Four risks must therefore be carefully avoided to manage the team:

Monitor the progress of work without depriving employees of their autonomy

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¬ Stimulate job satisfaction (Manageris’ Synopsis No.212a)

¬ published by Chrystel Martin on People management

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¬ published on the 13/06/20 at 16:30


We had a discussion recently in my team about the different management approaches needed for different individual preferences. One person (in the minority for our team) has a strong 'S' MBTI preference and in the open environment I encourage in the team felt able to say she was very uncomfortable with my (right hand side of your table above) approach to leading the team. She struggled to form her own path (not through lack of ability/knowledge/skill in what she is working on but rather because she is able to be more effective with more structure/next steps, reassurance etc than the others. I am now working with her more widely on her development (and mine as an equally strong 'N' preference!) to develop more flex for us both in how we work together. I thought it worth flagging this as not all of your 'left hand side' elements are necessarily bad, and not all 'right hand side' always good, all of the time as the brief article above would suggest.

¬ published on the 13/02/13 at 23:42

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