Stimulate job satisfaction

N°212a – Synopsis (8p.) – Motivation
Stimulate job satisfaction
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A recent study shows that energy at work primarily feeds on the conviction that we can progress effectively. How can we use this lever to optimize resources by reinforcing staff work satisfaction?

A number of studies conducted in the early 2000s highlighted the strong correlation between employee satisfaction and company performance. But what is the causal link? Are employees more satisfied because the company has more resources to meet their expectations? Or do they do better because they are motivated? Two recent studies have determined that satisfaction is the principal driver of performance, and not the reverse.  Company leaders and managers thus have good reason to reinforce employee satisfaction.

This leads to the question of what to do to make people happier. Some companies are known to make sizable investments in the wellbeing of their staff, by making the workplace environment more comfortable, introducing flexible working hours and personal services that make employees’ lives easier, etc. Others have been noteworthy for more surprising initiatives, such as providing self-service ping-pong tables and video games, an upscale cafeteria free of charge and open at all hours, etc.  Even so, some companies offer comfortable working conditions but a terrible professional ambiance!

Where should one focus then to motivate people to give their utmost to their work? The analyzed publications provide instructive and sometimes surprising suggestions in this regard:

-Focus primarily on helping people succeed! Employees tend to be most committed when they feel that they are able to move efficiently toward realizing their objectives.

-Above all, do no harm. Avoiding blunders that sap motivation often has more impact than actively creating incentives!

-Foster a mutually supportive culture. People feel stimulated when they are supported by those around them.

-Recognize the importance of local management. How employees feel at work is greatly influenced by their immediate superior.







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