Self-confidence: a professional quality to be developed

N°164b – Synopsis (8p.) – Assertivity
Self-confidence: a professional quality to be developed
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Self-confidence is a quality in the workplace, as it helps people build constructive relationships, dare to take risks, etc. So, how to develop and actively maintain your self-assurance?

Human interaction is the cornerstone of business today, making self-confidence as much a professional as a personal asset. Indeed, confidence is decisive in helping individuals form constructive relationships with others. People need it to adapt to change, to take initiative, to modify their behavior, and to make decisions in an uncertain environment.

However, everyone does not possess this strength in equal quantities. Some people seem to have it all, but have a low opinion of themselves, while others sail through huge setbacks with impressive assurance, bouncing back from failure even stronger, etc.

Yet, the analyzed publications point out that self-confidence can be learned, even by the most self-depreciating souls. They also show that this quality tends to erode over time unless it is actively maintained, by applying a few simple precepts:

– Appreciate yourself as you are, with your qualities and flaws, your successes and failures.

– Dare to take initiatives whose outcome is uncertain, then carefully note your progress and successes as you go along.

– Behave as an equal; don’t try to dominate others, but don’t automatically assume that their opinion is more valid than yours either.

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