Learn to manage conflicts to capitalize on diversity

N°179b – Synopsis (8p.) – Conflicts
Learn to manage conflicts to capitalize on diversity
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How to turn diversity into a real performance driver? By creating the conditions for constructive conflict in which different points of view are taken into account.

The power of teams lies in their ability to combine a broad range of experience, expertise and viewpoints. They can only tap into this power by creating a work environment that enables them to capitalize on the diversity of their members. This is no easy task, however.

All teams – particularly those with members from diverse backgrounds – risk being disrupted by conflicts arising from the inevitable disagreements between participants, to the point where team members may play down or hide their differences. After all, isn’t this the best way to preserve good relations and a certain degree of team solidarity?

– Make no mistake: the most successful teams are those whose members do not hesitate to raise their disagreements.

– But beware: this is only true if discussions remain focused on ideas and do not degenerate into resentment and interpersonal conflict.

– For this to happen, teams must be actively prepared to manage disagreements.

– Individual commitment – especially from the team leader – is also needed to manage the repercussions of inevitable moments of tension.

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