Employees 3.0: how to manage them?

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Employees 3.0: how to manage them?
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The digital revolution has fundamentally changed staff members’ expectations: less formal and more personalized relationships, greater flexibility in career choices… How can you evolve your HR management accordingly?

Even though we have little hindsight on the effects of digital technologies, we can only note that they have already deeply modified society—and more particularly the expectations of the individuals. In a few years, we have shifted from mass consumption to ultra-personalized consumption, thanks to a detailed knowledge of individual preferences. Citizens and consumers are no longer anonymous. They not only ask for a better quality of service but also want to be heard, or even co-create the products and services they will use tomorrow. Through online platforms, they collaborate with complete strangers to find a job, a room in an inhabitant’s guesthouse, a carpool, etc. The deals are made based on a mutual interest or common passion, but are almost totally freed from geographic distance or social categories.

These mutations do not stop at the doorstep of companies. In the past few years, leaders and HR managers have realized how much the expectation from staff members towards the organization had evolved. The young generations do not overburden themselves with traditional divisions, be they between hierarchical levels, between entities within a same group, or even between their private life and their job. The staff members, whatever their age, increasingly aspire to be acknowledged as unique individuals, as they are as unique consumers. They no longer try to fit in the mold of a straightforward career. They want to choose the projects to which they contribute, with a real consideration for themselves—else, they will quickly reconsider their engagement. Used to sharing freely their ideas on social networks, with immediate returns, they seek to find the same quality in the exchanges in their daily professional life.

This stated, how can the company adapt its management to make the most of these evolutions? What transformations must it engage in with the women and the men that it is composed of to free the full potential of the new ways of working to which they aspire? Way beyond setting up innovating tools, the digital era requires new ways of managing the human.

In this synopsis:
- Adapting managerial practices to the digital age
- Which HR management model to address the employees’ new expectations?
- Develop a collaborative culture in your company

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