Develop your emotional intelligence

N°205b – Synopsis (8p.) – Emotions
Develop your emotional intelligence
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Everyone knows today that EQ is an essential factor in performance. Even so, emotional intelligence often remains an abstract concept. How can it be developed?

Emotional intelligence plays a much more decisive role in business success than the intelligence quotient. All studies on the underlying factors of performance tend to prove this. Admittedly, IQ is a strong predictor of academic success, and thus plays a notable role in the recruitment of new employees. Yet, in the long run, the people with a high emotional quotient are promoted the quickest and perform the best.
Of course, having a fine mind is a big asset. IQ measures abstract intelligence, logical reasoning and intellectual keenness. These qualities are invaluable to make good decisions and analyze complex data within a limited timeframe.
At the same time, the business world is far from operating according to logic alone! Decisions depend more on compromises than on purely rational analysis. Individual performance depends more on a person’s ability to bring talented people together and get them to collaborate than on his or her technical skills. Successful businesspeople must implicitly understand the expectations of their superiors, customers, partners and opponents. They must be able to manage their day-to-day frustrations and stress. Managing such situations appropriately requires a form of intelligence other than intellectual. People who can take account of their own and others’ emotions possess an asset much more powerful than purely intellectual prowess.
This is good news; point out the experts, because it is possible to develop your emotional intelligence. To do this, you must become aware of and learn to manage your own emotions and understand what others are feeling as well. This can be done individually through introspection and practice, or with the help of a trusted friend, manager or coach. Without necessarily taking a lot of time and effort, these efforts can produce huge benefits very rapidly, both on a personal and professional level.

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