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The Plugged-In Manager

The Plugged-In Manager

How to develop his or her creative abilities in a world that is undergoing dramatic changes with increasing frequency?

Auteur(s) : Terri L. Griffith

Éditeur : Jossey-Bass

Date de parution : 2011

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In a world that is undergoing dramatic changes with increasing frequency, every manager and leader must develop his or her creative abilities.
Indeed, observes the author, proven formulas no longer work. We must now stay in continuous touch with the environment to capture the signs of ongoing changes and to give ourselves the means to initiate them. The biggest trap here would be complacency, that is, to be satisfied with the status quo and what has worked up until now. Terri Griffith proposes a systematic approach to avoid this trap. “Stop-look-listen” is at the heart of this approach, inviting us to put things into perspective, observe and constantly ask questions in order to spot risks and opportunities. We must then identify the ideas that will meet the demands of this new world. The answer lies in creativity, i.e., the best way is to mix and match the components at your disposal and share ideas with an extended network.

This book sheds new light on the issues of our “interconnected” world.



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