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Donner l'exemple n'est pas le principal moyen d'influencer les autres, c'est le seul moyen.Albert Einstein

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The Innovator’s DNA

The Innovator’s DNA

How to root the ability to innovate in the company culture?

Auteur(s) : Jeff Dyer, Hal Gregersen, Clayton M. Christensen

Éditeur : Harvard Business Review Press

Date de parution : 2011

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Why is it that some companies have a legendary ability to innovate, while others, despite investing huge sums in R&D, have trouble finding truly novel ideas? This book points out that creativity can be cultivated and learned. After observing extremely innovative people, the authors shed light on their five characteristic features, i.e., the ability to make associations and to challenge the status quo, a keen sense of observation, excellent networking skills and a taste for experimentation. The book provides a great deal of useful advice on how to develop these qualities, which could certainly benefit anyone.

To be truly innovative, an organization must do more than hire a bunch of creative people; it must make innovation part of its DNA. The most innovative companies in the world have managed this feat by selecting the right teams, internal practices and shared values. Innovation in such organizations is clearly everyone’s business, not least among the leaders. They are able to conduct improvement projects in parallel with disruptive initiatives, carefully protecting the latter from the dominant standard. And most importantly, they encourage experimentation and accept the risk inherent to such projects.

An enlightening look at the role of company culture on innovation performance.



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