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Que la stratégie soit belle est un fait, mais n'oubliez pas de regarder le résultat.Winston Churchill

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The Human Side of Leadership

The Human Side of Leadership

Personal testimonials showing how managers and leaders experience and manage their emotions.

Auteur(s) : Timothy Gray Davies, Rick Ginsberg

Éditeur : Praeger

Date de parution : 2007

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In “The Human Side of Leadership,” Rick Ginsberg and Timothy Gray Davies tackle the way that managers and leaders experience and manage their emotions. Based on numerous in-depth interviews with managers in a variety of industries and at various hierarchical levels, they point out the different strategies adopted by individuals to “deal with” their emotions. They specifically underline especially sensitive situations that require what they call “extra grace,” such as working with difficult employees or with friends (chapter 4). Chapter 5 is interesting in that the authors summarize the main conclusions drawn by the various managers interviewed on managing the emotional side of their business. A book that is particularly rich in personal testimonials.



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