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The future of management

The future of management

Inventing a new art of managing people and organizations to capitalize on collective value, knowledge and creativity.

Auteur(s) : Gary Hamel

Éditeur : Harvard Business School Press

Date de parution : 2007

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How will the companies of tomorrow be organized and managed? Which innovative management practices will distinguish the pioneers from the followers?” For Gary Hamel, we are still operating according to mental management models inherited from the industrial era and designed to resolve the issue of inefficiency. However, these models are not particularly helpful when it comes to capitalizing on collective value, knowledge and creativity. Combining historical references with examples of innovative companies, Gary Hamel exhorts individual managers to invent, at their own level, a new art of managing People and Organizations. At the end of each chapter, he provides a list of questions designed to point our thinking in the right direction. Among the examples cited, Whole Foods in chapter 4 has an air of Marxist-type revolution, but is clearly striking nonetheless!



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