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Some people are able to reveal the talent around them. What practices do they draw on?

Auteur(s) : Sydney Finkelstein

Éditeur : Portfolio/Penguin

Date de parution : 2016

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Some persons are known to be real talent inspirers. For example, this is the case of Alice Waters, the founder of Chez Panisse, a pioneer in a new American cuisine based on local and seasonal produce. Numerous award-winning chefs have worked in her restaurant and describe this phase as a key moment in their career, a formidable accelerator of both personal and professional development. The author has studied the practices of several of these “superbosses”, including Ralph Lauren (fashion), Gene Roberts (journalism), George Lucas (the movie industry), and Julian Robertson (finance). He describes the way these leaders operate to succeed in inspiring others in their work and leading them to develop to levels above standard. Finkelstein thus identifies some common practices. For example, “superbosses” set high objectives to encourage their protégés to go beyond their limits, while working by their side in a companionship relationship, never ceasing to advise them in the heat of the moment. They don’t hesitate either to take risks by giving responsibilities to people with little experience whom they believe in. A very engaging and original book.



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