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Structure et dynamique des organisations et des groupes (in french)

Structure et dynamique des organisations et des groupes (in french)

A reference book on the organizational theory elaborated by the founder of Transactional Analysis

Auteur(s) : Eric Berne

Éditeur : Les Éditions d’Analyse Transactionnelle

Date de parution : 2005

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Towards the end of his career, the psychiatrist founder of Transactional Analysis, Eric Berne, explored the organizational and business implications of the theories and methods he developed. This book is now the reference work on the organizational theory he elaborated based on this research.
The bulk of the book is devoted to a practical description of how organizations and their various components operate, as well as an analysis of individual behaviour and emotional reactions within such organizations. On that basis, it provides a better understanding of group dynamics and potential dysfunctions.
This is a relevant diagnostic tool for anyone who must manage an organization or is interested in facilitating team operations.



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