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Predictive Evaluation

Predictive Evaluation

How to design and monitor training programs to achieve specific performance improvements?

Auteur(s) : Dave Basarab

Éditeur : Berret-Koehler

Date de parution : 2011

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Relatively few companies measure performance impact of their training programs--and for good reason!  The impact of training appears to be extremely difficult to isolate from the other factors which contribute to operational performance.  As a result, managers lack clear bearings or standardized approaches to compare the impact of training from one function to another or from one unit to another.  Yet, asserts the author, it is possible produce clear measurements of training program effectiveness, provided that suitable metrics are developed upstream and applied as strictly as for the management of any other corporate function. This work starts by asking the right questions with the training community. For example, "If participants adhere to the messages delivered during the training program and want to implement them, how would this translate into their day-to-day practices when they get back to work?" This type of question may seem obvious, but often, no one bothers to ask it in the presence of the concerned managers. The author then describes his entire methodology in detail.
This book is sometimes difficult, because of the use of fairly complex technical terminology. However, it does offer a rigorous
approach to design and track training programs according to the targeted performance objectives.



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