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Pratiquer l'écoute active (in french)

Pratiquer l'écoute active (in french)

An extremely practical and short book about “active listening”.

Éditeur : Démos

Date de parution : 2010

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This extremely practical and short book deserves a place on the managerial bookshelf, as it proposes common-sense techniques which managers would do well to try if they want to improve their interpersonal relationships.
The approach described here is based on the Rogerian concept of “active listening,” a benevolent form of listening requiring empathy and full concentration on the other person, in order to develop a deep understanding of what the other person is trying to express and build trust in the process. Is all of this patently obvious? Perhaps, but it also goes against longstanding reflexes built from learning to express our own viewpoint first and foremost.
This is where the suggested techniques come in handy. Practiced consciously at first, they gradually become natural reflexes to help minimize the gap between what one person is trying to say and what the other person understands, with benefits clearly surpassing the professional realm!



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