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Mastering the Hype Cycle

Mastering the Hype Cycle

Behind passing fads, how to have a better understanding of the cycles of perception and real maturation of an innovation.

Auteur(s) : Jackie Fenn, Mark Raskino

Éditeur : Harvard Business Press

Date de parution : 2008

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How can you know which external innovations to adopt and when? What innovations really count for you? How can you spot the innovations that will make the biggest contribution to your company strategy, without getting caught up in the ambient enthusiasm that often surrounds new concepts and products?
Putting the siren’s song of markets and bubble effects into perspective, the authors provide a detailed breakdown of the perception cycle concerning innovations. They show how the market irrationally pressures companies to invest too early in innovations that capture the public’s imagination, and to disengage too soon when the first problems arise.
Based on robust analysis, this book offers concrete ideas that are helpful in understanding the perception cycle better and deciphering the real maturation cycle dissimulated behind all of the market noise. The second part is devoted to monitoring, sorting and tracking innovations until they are deployed within your own organization. This is a book designed to help decision makers keep their heads on their shoulders.



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