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Learning from Burnout

Learning from Burnout

Based on an analysis of many cases of burnout, this book gives numerous tips to manage one's energy in a better way.

Auteur(s) : Tim Casserley, David Megginson

Éditeur : Butterworth Heinemann

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While many newspapers and business publications point the finger at companies, accusing them of being unfeeling machines that grind employees up then spit them out, this book is welcome for its more balanced viewpoint. Certainly, some environments are more conducive than others to burnout. However, the authors emphasize that the responsibility lies first and foremost with the individual. Their study of over one hundred high-flying managers shows just how common this phenomenon really is. Indeed, one of out of five of the managers studied suffered from observable signs of burnout. They identify the common features that cause people to break down, i.e., basing their identity on their career, being disconnected from their feelings, sacrificing their own needs for the “greater good,” being obsessed with their objectives, and seeking perfection. Conversely, some professionals manage tense situations without feeling personally affected and can work at an intense pace over long periods of time. What does this teach us? Manage energy proactively, set and enforce clear boundaries, cultivate optimism, ask for help, and never forget to recuperate. These rules may seem like just good common sense, but can easily be forgotten in the heat of action.



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