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Intuition: its powers and perils

Intuition: its powers and perils

A good book to learn more about the different facets of the ability called intuition and to enhance your knowledge of decision-making psychology.

Auteur(s) : David G. Myers

Éditeur : Yale University Press

Date de parution : 2002

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Written by a psychology professor, and full of examples and anecdotes, this book reads like a reporter’s investigation. The author has gathered an impressive quantity of research findings, presented in a particularly clear and lively style. Those who are curious and interested in knowing more about the different facets of the ability called intuition and enhancing their knowledge of decision-making psychology will be well served here. This book makes an ideal companion for “Intuition at Work.” Less action-oriented, but more exhaustive in its coverage of the topic, this particular volume successively treats the various aspects of intuition, e.g. where it works best, common traps, etc., as well as critical analysis of intuition at work in specific domains, such as finance, medicine, risk assessment, recruiting, etc.



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