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Intuition at Work

Intuition at Work

The author draws on his experience working the US firefighters and the Army to help understand how experts can make the right decision in a pinch without the use of conscious reasoning.

Auteur(s) : Gary Klein

Éditeur : Currency Doubleday

Date de parution : 2003

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A rich source of practical advice, this book draws lessons from the research and consulting activities of the author, an expert in intuitive decision-making processes who has in particular worked for U.S. firefighters and the army. Following a clear and rapid presentation of the mechanism explaining how experts are able to make the right decision in a pinch without the use of conscious reasoning, the book focuses on how to develop and capitalize on this ability. The author carefully underlines the strengths and weaknesses of intuition, as well as precautionary measures to maximize its reliability. He also provides valuable tips on how to combine intuition with conscious reasoning. Based on a wide-ranging experience as an educator, the author gives concrete and detailed recommendations on how to develop your intuition, such as the ten pages devoted to the effective design and use of role-playing games.



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