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Failure to Communicate

Failure to Communicate

How to tackle conversational “minefields” to keep them from degenerating.

Auteur(s) : Holly Weeks

Éditeur : Harvard Business Press

Date de parution : 2008

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Some conversations degenerate seemingly without reason. When this happens, putting things back on track can be very difficult. A poorly conducted conversation can generate lasting resentment and seriously shake trust built up over years. Holly Weeks analyzes the attitudes at the heart of such crises. Among the root causes: a combative mindset that makes us want the counterpart to lose so that we can win, a propensity to simplify situations to the point where we no longer really understand them, and the conviction that our own intentions are good, while those of our counterparts should be viewed with suspicion.
The author proposes a strategy and tactics for tackling these conversational “minefelds.” Her approach is basically founded on the conviction that one should take the initiative to resolve these situations rather than hoping desperately that our counterparts will assume their share of responsibility. Depending on the situation, we can learn to express things clearly without upsetting our counterparts, to control our reflexive responses in sensitive situations, to make the implicit explicit in order to foster mutual listening, to respect your own viewpoint as much as that of your counterparts, etc.
The main interest of this book lies in its use of examples drawn from the real-life experiences of the author over a long period, which are extremely helpful in understanding the nuances and subtleties of interpersonal communication. It lays out an optimistic and constructive approach to communication in business.



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